Come down to these events to meet the Sparkles Detail LLC crew and see some awesome vehicles

We got into car detailing because we love the automobile as a piece of art. When a vehicle comes together as a complete package of mechanical engineering and a beautiful body, the result is very exciting. A big part of a car’s exterior being gorgeous is, of course, the wash and wax applied. Unfortunately, traditional formulations of auto detailing products have usually required enormous amounts of water to be used during their application. This not only causes a lot of water waste, it also results in a lot of chemicals being washed down the drain.

At Sparkles Detail LLC in Odenville, AL, we’re proud to say that we offer products that solve this problem. Our Croftgate USA car washes, car waxes, and other products can be properly used with minimal water use. (Some of them require no water at all!) We understand that you might be skeptical about how well they work, so we invite you to come out to a car show and see for yourself! We’re confident that, after seeing our product demos, you’ll be very impressed. The great thing is that you can visit our online store to have the very products that impressed you delivered right to your door.

Even if you can’t make it out to an event where we’re featuring our products, you can still learn more about them. Just visit our home page for more details, or take a gander at our photo and video pages. Our website is a big part of our goal to be available to our customers 24/7. If you have any questions at all, please contact us. We’re eager to talk to you about our revolutionary automobile cleaning products, and we’ll be happy to discuss them at any level of detail you like. We’re passionate about cars, and we’re passionate about keeping cars at their most beautiful while also being friendly to the Earth. All of our Croftgate USA formulations help us feed both of those things we love, so: “Come on and give our products a squirt!! What have you got to lose – except a little dirt?”

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