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“Car people” are a community. We don’t just love cars, engines, paint jobs, cool rims, and neat tires – we love to talk about them. When we find something we like that has to do with cars, we tell all of our friends, right? Well, here’s an opportunity for you to tell the world what you think. Amazed by how you can wash your car with almost no water by using a Croftage USA product? Put your thoughts in this form. Fired up about auto detailing in general? Leave your thoughts on our website. Thrilled about our online store? Let everybody know. It’s easy!

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The crew at Sparkles Detail LLC in Odenville, AL would also like you to know that we can be contacted privately. If you have a question or concern that you don’t necessarily want to share with the world, you can always visit our contact page to send us an e-mail or find our phone number. One of our main goals is to be available to our customers at all times. We realize that claiming that you can wash, wax, and detail a vehicle with almost no water at all is a big thing to say. If you’ve got some hard questions to ask, we’re ready to give you all the answers we can. If you’d like to get started by reading more online, just visit our home page.

Also please remember that you can see these great Croftgate USA formulations in action by visiting our videos page. If you’d like to see some of our favorite auto show pictures, you can visit our photo gallery, and if you’d like to talk to us in person, just check out our events page. One way or another, we’d love for you to know more about our products, and we’d love to get to know you – a fellow car enthusiast! We’re willing to bet that we’ll be able to get you excited about car detailing that’s good for your vehicle, and is also eco-friendly. Great looking cars, and a great looking environment. It’s a win-win situation. What’s not to love?

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